Samples of Penny's work
Go to 2017 Showreel

2017 Showreel

Samples of Penny Starr’s music video, promo, interview, and short film work.

Go to Frame of Heart || Abuse

Frame of Heart || Abuse

Original Production: Penny conceived, shot, produced, appeared-in and edited the entirety of this strong project about the different faces of abuse.

Go to Invisible || Underworld

Invisible || Underworld

Original Production: Nearly all of Penny’s editing projects are heavily reliant on music. “Every song I hear, I always think “How can I make a project out of this?”

Go to Pangaea Festival || Neverland

Pangaea Festival || Neverland

Event Promo: A highlights reel of the biggest Fresher’s event held at the University of Manchester. Featuring artists such as Example.

About Penny Starr

Freelance Video Editor

Penny Starr is one of the new budding filmmakers that have grown up with the creative power of affordable software and the distribution reach of the Internet. She has shown herself to be a creative, talented and intuitive video editor. She understands how to establish and structure a narrative; her competence in editing techniques allow her to produce tight and highly polished final products. Read more.


Winner 2016 Best Cinematography

Celebrate Media Awards

Winner 2016 Best Post Production

Celebrate Media Awards


NaSTA Awards


Minecon London 2015

Winner 2015 Best Post Production

Celebrate Media Awards

First Runner Up 2015

Insight Student Film Festival Awards

Award Nominee 2015

NaSTA Awards

Winner 2014 Best Technical Editing

Endsleigh Awards

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