April 14, 2012

About Penny Starr

Penny Starr is one of the new generation of filmmakers that have grown up with the creative power of affordable software and the distribution reach of the Internet. She has shown herself to be a creative, talented and intuitive video editor. She understands how to establish and structure a narrative; her competence in editing techniques allow her to produce tight and highly polished final products.

She works in MediaCityUK at studio and post-production company dock10.

In 2016 Penny graduated from Manchester University with a 2:1 BA in English and Drama, with a film, TV and script-writing bias. She obtained module Firsts in: Film Adaptation, Screenwriting, Playwriting, and War Literature. Her studies were supplemented by income from her online channels and freelance work.

At FuseTV, the Manchester University TV station, Penny was the Head of Technology and Head of Post-Production. At FuseTV she managed broadcast, production and editing of all the major projects, as well as undertaking training in the use of equipment.

In addition to creating her own portfolio, she has work experience from:

Penny has received the following recognition for her work: Celebrate Media Awards 2016: Winner Best Cinematography, Winner Best Post Production; NaSTA Awards 2015: First Runner Up; Celebrate Media Awards 2015: Winner Best Post Production; Insight Student Film Festival Awards 2015: First Runner Up; NaSTA Awards 2015: Nominee; Endsleigh Awards 2014: Winner Best Technical Editing Skills.

She has experience in a number of film areas including video and sound editing, original composition and animation. She also has experience orchestrating and producing broadcast and streaming events. She is a competent user of a number of video production, editing and Internet broadcasting software packages. For her personal projects she uses Sony Vegas Pro, which was donated to her by Sony Europe to support her work.

Find out more from Penny’s Linkedin profile.