Event Promo: Pangaea Festival || Neverland

Pangaea Festival, a Tri-Annual music event held at the University of Manchester’s Students Union, is covered by the student TV society: Fuse TV. Penny Starr shot and edited a promotional highlights reel of the event. Filmed: Nikon D7100. Edited: Sony Vegas Pro 12. © Copyright – Video: Fuse TV; Soundtrack: Myths and Heroes by Delta Origins.

Original Production: Manchester || Not All Saints

A collaboration project between Penny Starr and fellow Fuse TV committee member, Teo Taylor, focusing on the sites within the city of Manchester. This project was a runner up for the 2015 NaSTA Awards, in the ‘Music to Video’ category. Filmed: Nikon D7100/ Edited: Sony Vegas Pro 12 © Copyright – Video: Fuse TV; Soundtrack: Saints Read more about Original Production: Manchester || Not All Saints[…]